Psychic Perth and Pagoda Como

Psychic Dinners in Perth is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself

Reconnect with your body and soul!

Anamchara Pathways Psychic Dinners™ is a health and wellbeing service in Perth based on a tradition of experience and professional knowledge.

Our aim is to give our customers the personalised care and guidance that will allow them to gain clarity and peace in their lives to move forward into the life they want to live. Our hope is to revitalise the body, mind and soul.

Featuring unique readings and services by gifted psychics, healers and mediums, Psychic Dinners is held at quality restaurants throughout Perth.


"If a snowflake is utterly perfect in its design, do you not think the same could be said about something as magnificient as your life?" Conversations with God, Book 1

About us

Psychic Dinners was born in 2003 out of a small cafe in Mandurah. It was passed down in 2004 to current owner Cherry by her psychic mother and became Anamchara Pathways . The Psychic Dinners Team consists of gifted, experienced psychics, healers and mediums, who help guests to gain clarity and peace in their lives. The word Anamchara (ahn-im-KAR-uh), Gaelic for "soul friends", Psychic Dinners is all about people coming together for spiritual support and guidance.

Our events

At our Psychic Dinners each guest who books receives a 3 course meal from the restaurant, in addition to 3 readings from 3 different psychics. Plus bonus healers and mediums are also on hand for a select number of guests. 

Our High Tea with Psychics consists of 3 readings per person and a delicious High Tea.  Plus bonus mediums and healers.

The Psychics sit at their own table in order to keep your reading private and personal to you.

We know that all of our customers are unique, but wellbeing is universal. We offer you:

  • Guidance, peace and clarity
  • Quality Restaurants
  • A well organized, professional and enjoyable experience

Take a look at our Bookings page or feel free to call us for more information.