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~ Alison ~ 
Show me both your palms and with my practical knowledge of palm-reading, gained over many years of private study and learning, I can show you the lines and signs on your palms and their meanings. With the aid of loving Spirit Guides and also my own higher intuition, you will find your reading to be accurate, comprehensive, thought-provoking and, most importantly, uplifting for you.​

Available for all Venues except The Peninsula, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Amber ~
Tarot ~ Empath
I have always been spiritually sensitive and was born an empath. Initially crystals were my main passion. Now I work with Tarot cards and energy awareness. I also use essential oils as a healing tool. I am able to tune into a person's energy space and give them guidance and insight into their lives.

Available for all Venues except The Peninsula, and Private Parties in the Metro area
~ Angela ~
Colour Therapy
You choose the coloured bottles and I do the reading. I tune in and intuitively read from the colours which could give indications from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being. From the practical to the deeply sensitive. Working with colour informs my work as a Celebrant , workshop facilitator and Yoga/Meditation teacher & practitioner.

Available for all Venues and Private Parties in all areas
~ Arlene ~
Intuitive Medium ~ Numerology ~ Tarot
I have known about my gifts from a very young age where I would have dreams which would come true within 3 days. Later in life my gifts developed further allowing me to utilise all senses intuitively. I use my intuition for healing and guidance. I also have a passion for numerology, tarot cards and life coaching.  I also run psychic development classes, meditation and other services.


Available for Peel Manor House, The Peninsula, and Private Parties south of Rockingham

~ Barbara Jones ~
Tarot ~ Psychic Medium
Through Tarot I will give you answers on romance, career, health, business and life direction. I can also show your life path through Numerology and Astrology. Loved ones, Guides and Angels may come through to bring you guidance.

​Available for Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR
~ Barbie ~
I read the planetary energies of your birth chart. Your chart is like a theatre in which the planets are the actors, the zodiac signs are their costumes and the roles they are playing, the houses are the stages/areas of activity and the aspects indicate the relationships between the actors. I also read the Tarot within an astrological framework.

Available for Pagoda and Private Parties Perth area
~ Bev ~
The Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet used for writing, divination, and magic. Runes are an oracle that can give you advice in: Relationships, Career, Work, Love, Certain Circumstances, and Future Possibilities. The Runes help you to analyse the path that you are on and a possible outcome. The Future is not Fixed. It changes with every choice that you make or action that you take. There is always Free Will, Your Future, Your Choice.

Available for Peel Manor House, The Peninsula, and Private Parties south of Rockingham
~ Brenda ~
Astrology - Palmistry - Tarot - Numerology
I have been reading and helping people for 35 years with much accuracy. I tune into your energy and give you messages from spirit. I am also a Natural Therapist and Reiki practitioner so I can also assist you with health and emotional issues.

​  Available for Amarettos, Pagoda and Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR
~ Carol ~
Tarot - Numerology
Carol has been doing psychic readings for about 20 years. She tunes into the energies around you and can see auric colours. Carol is a Reiki Master, a psychotherapist and does healing touch. She takes mind/body exercises classes. Carol is also a teacher of meditation, psychic development and Reiki to Masters level.

​  Available for Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR
~ Colleen ~
Psychic Medium ~ Healer
With the connection to Spirit through Psychic Mediumship, Intuitive card reading, or Psychometry, my aim is to deliver messages in a kind and compassionate manner from Loved Ones who have passed. Being empathic by nature, the basis of my work is that of Healer to aid in the resolution of fear and worry in life and the easing of pain in the body. I work in many healing mediums. I am also an artist.

  Available for Peel Manor House, The Peninsula, and Private Parties south of Rockingham
~ Corrina ~
Tarot - Numerology
I will give you an Intuitive Tarot reading for six months that will help you focus on areas such as Love, Career, Travel and Money.  I use Numerology, Crystals, Angel Guides and Chakra Balancing in my readings to help you on your journey.

  Available for all Venues except The Peninsula, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Dawn ~
Spirit Messenger - Channel - Empath
By just holding your hand I can convey if you are living your life's path or living in denial and carrying on with tendencies of your past. Once your life is on track there are no worries regarding the future.

  Available for all Venues except Amarettos, and Private Parties SOR to Mandurah
~ Deanne ~
Tarot - Clairvoyant - Psychometry - Photo Readings
I have 30 years experience reading the Tarot cards which was passed to me from my grandmother who was extremely gifted. Through the use of my Tarot and Clairvoyance, my readings are empathic and accurate, assisting you to find clarity in your life to empower you to make the right choices. If Tarot isn't for you, I also offer readings by Psychometry using a piece of jewellery or a photo.

  Available for Kalamunda Hotel, Lakers Tavern, Pagoda and Private Parties SOR Metro
~ Deb ~
Psychic Medium
I am honest in my readings with a heritage that goes back to Welsh Gypsies. Although our loved ones have passed into the light, they have never left our side. I find helping others a very humbling experience and am very grateful for the gift of communicating with the Spirit World so that I can comfort others.

​  Available for Kalamunda Hotel, Lakers Tavern, Pagoda and Private Parties SOR Metro
~ Emma ~
Runic Readings - Crystal Wheel Readings - Pendulum - Energy Worker
I am able to work with spirit to obtain an insight into your situation or concern, by using various mediums such as Runes, Crystals and Pendulum I am able to address your question or simply see what spirit feels you need to know. I have been helping Clients all over Australia for a number of years with my readings.

​  Available for Amarettos, Kalamunda Hotel, Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR
~ Erin ~
Tarot ~ Clairvoyant ~ Medium
My readings are a combination of natural psychic ability, insights gathered from life experience, and a guided understanding of the human spirit, to bring guidance and clarity to assist you on your journey. I use Tarot as well as my gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Mediumship.

  Available for all Venues, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Gina ~
Ribbon Readings (Psychometry) ~ Reiki Master
My passion is healing journeys with Reiki, Essences, Crystals and Shamanic Journey Practices. Ribbon readings are an extension of that work and a form of psychometry (the reading of energy from objects) These readings tell it like it is, you will hear what it is that you need to hear from your Guides & helpers in Spirit. Your life, your responsibility but I offer to light the way.

  Available for all Venues, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Gladys Quintal ~
Tarot ~ Psychometry ~ Empath
I work with a mixture of psychometry and tarot, so you are more than welcome to bring along photos of loved ones or personal items like jewellery to your reading. I'm psychic and also an empath, so I tune into energy around you and will always do my best to make you feel at ease.

​  Available for Amarettos, Kalamunda Hotel,  Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR
~ Gladys Rosano ~
Tarot ~ Clairvoyant ~ Medium ~ Reiki Master
Coming from a South American family whose Psychic and Healing abilities span back many generations, I have a natural gift of Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Healing to assist you to find the answers you seek to bring you healing and balance in your life.

​  Available for Amarettos, Kalamunda Hotel, Pagoda, Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR
~ Hanna ~
I have developed my spiritual gifts through studying tarot and teaching Chi Kung and Reiki to Master Level. Using Tarot cards I lay a Celtic cross spread and I will support you to find ways to assist yourself to move forward in life.
​  Available for Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR
~ Karen ~
Tarot ~ Astrology ~ Numerology ~ Tree Readings
Tarot is my main tool to gain insight into psychological patterns you are currently running, which affect circumstances you are attracting. I tailor my readings to answer as many specific questions you have concerning your current situations by incorporating other tools such as numerology, crystal dowsing, astrology, and dream interpretation when necessary. 

​  Available for Amarettos, Kalamunda Hotel, Lakers Tavern, Pagoda, Woodvale Tavern and Private       Parties in Perth Metro
~ Kay ~
Spiritual Medium - Reiki Master
I am a compassionate Spiritual Medium combining both psychic and mediumistic abilities to connect with love ones that have passed before us giving evidential proof of survival and helping to heal our grief and gain an understanding of eternal life. 
Working with intuitive energy for guidance in the different aspects of your life, allowing a sense of direction and enlightenment to move forward with confidence. 
Reiki Master / Teacher, Spiritual healer. 
Meditation and Psychic development facilitator, owner / operator of Meditation in the Swan Valley. Meditation facilitator for Cancer council Life Now program. Volunteer Reiki practitioner for both Cancer Council and Solaris Care. ASHA (Australian Spiritual Healers Association ) member and practitioner.
Available for all Venues except The Peninsula, and Private Parties in all areas

~ Kaylene ~

Psychic Medium
I give detailed readings and can connect to your loved ones. I hear, see and feel spirit. I read photo’s of loved ones past and present. I also do body scans where I can pick up any energy blockages and most health issues. I have a direct line to spirit, if you have a question ask me and they will provide the answers.

​Available for Amarettos, Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR

~ Kevin ~
Psychic Medium

​Available for Amarettos, Pagoda, Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR
~ Luz ~
Using natural medicine, Pendulum Dowsing, Tarot reading, Angels and spiritual guides, and Reiki I will help you see the precious gift you are and how to: interpret the present situation from a more positive angle, check the past for the problems and mistakes and see what really were and are valuable lessons.
I offer readings in English and Spanish.

  Available for all Venues except The Peninsula, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Melody ~
Psychic Medium ~ Clairvoyant ~ Card Readings
I have been working intuitively with Cards, Crystals and Reiki for over 20 years. Offering guidance, insight and clarification, I provide an Holistic reading which focuses on solutions and empowerment. My background is a Diploma in Nursing and a Diploma in Counselling plus Masters in Reiki.


  Available for all Venues except The Peninsula, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Michelle E. ~
I've been a remedial massage therapist for many years, incorporating reflexology and reiki into my practice. Tarot reading is just another way to offer my spiritual connectedness with the world to clients.

  Available for all Venues except The Peninsula, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Myrtle ~
Tarot - Tea Leaf Reading ~ Mediumship
I have 30 plus years experience as a natural and direct channel. Using Tarot, Tea Leaf Readings, Mediumship and Psychic Art I will give messages to you direct from the Universe. I don’t beat around the bush.

  Available for all Venues, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Nancy ~
Tea Leaf Reading ~ Mediumship
I see images in the tea cup and with my mediumship abilities I am able to see, feel, hear and smell what Spirit brings through to me in order to bring you the messages to assist you on your life journey. Beside your loved ones, pets may also come through.

  Available for all Venues, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Nina Marie ~
Sincere tarot readings given about your past, present and future path. With the help of my spiritual connection to the Universal energy, i can give you insight into the road ahead and any blockages that might stop you from reaching your full potential and moving forward into the future.

​  Available for Amarettos, Kalamunda Hotel, Lakers Tavern, Pagoda, Woodvale Tavern and Private     Parties in Perth Metro
~ Ramzi ~
Psychic Medium
My readings provide Spiritual guidance and counselling. Initially I connect with your energy to determine what issues are stopping you from moving forward. Then I proceed to sense and feel where these feelings/thoughts/habits have initiated from such as your past, your negative experiences in life or ingrained from your childhood and I help you to let go of these traumas or issues in order for you to move forward with peace, clarity and happiness. Spirit guidance comes into play here as I am intuitively guided to point you in the right direction. If there are any family or friends in Spirit who wish to connect with you then they will come through. Keep in mind, I cannot tell you what to do, only guide you as every one has Free Will. It is your choice if you wish to listen and follow this advice.
Available for Kalamunda Hotel, Lakers Tavern, Pagoda and Private Parties SOR Metro
~ Shirley ~
I have worked in the spiritual healing field for over 15 years, especially as a Tarot Reader and as a Intuitive and Crystal Healer with growing Empathic and Mediumship abilities, completing several studies within a variety of healing modalities, including colour therapy. I am able to offer you a wonderful insight in what is waiting for you in the year ahead, along with any answers to questions you may have, because the beings that I work with hold much integrity for they work from the heart, assisting each individual who crosses their path to love and accept themselves more fully. Offering many opportunities if ready, to further build one's foundations in the field of intuition, empowerment and any personal growth, therefore embracing the exciting life journeys of discovery with Harmony and Joy. So take a leap of FAITH and spend some time with us for it will truly be very enlightening. "Many Blessings from the Realms of Light Beloved One."
​Available for Amarettos, Woodvale Tavern and Private Parties NOR
~ Thierry ~
Tarot - Reiki Master
I am deeply fulfilled in all that i do and believe that the point of power is always in the present moment. I use the universal Energy for healing through Reiki.
In connection with my Spiritual Guides i can see and read what is coming, bring answers to your questions, put you on the right path and help you find Happiness, Love,Peace and most of all be in touch with your Inner Self.
I offer reading in English and French.
​  Available for 
all Venues, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Tiger-Lily ~
Psychic Medium ~ Tarot
I have grown up with the ability to see, hear and feel Spirit around me. I love helping them pass on their messages of support from the Spirit Realm to you, their Loved Ones here on Earth. I use Tarot alongside mediumship to assist you with situations you are facing in life. My other passion is as a Professional Paranormal Investigator with experience in House Cleansing.

Available for all Venues, and Private Parties in all areas
~ Tony ~
I can see loved ones, family, friends and pets and help you to converse and feel the emotions that spirit is trying to portray. I will assist you to let go of grief and live with inner peace and happiness.

​​Available for all Venues except Amarettos, and Private Parties SOR to Mandurah
​~ Vicki ~

I have been a massage therapist for over 20 years. I have studied spirituality, Reiki, fitness, relationship coaching and tarot cards. I am currently studying holistic counselling, colour therapy and crystal therapy. I co-facilitate massage and spiritual workshops for women several times a year. I use the tarot cards, pendulum, intuition and spirit to bring you the love and guidance that you need in this moment. I will take you from your past to your present and into the future. I will give you clarity and understanding into areas of your life so that you see things differently and clearly.
Available for all Venues, and Private Parties in all areas

~ Wendy ~
I am in my joy when I’m working with Tarot cards, healing and working with and for Spirit.  Reading Tarot still lights me up even after more than 20 years of doing it.  I love the connection, heart to heart, that’s made during the reading.  I can help bring clarity around decisions you need to make, show you what’s coming up in your life.   Big areas of your life such as family, love, career, finance and sometimes health often show up when something new is arriving or something is in need of attention.

Available for all Venues, and Private Parties in all areas​​